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What the Customers are Saying:

“Dear Jennifer,
Thanks so very much for the lovely job you did on Kelly’s wedding cake. It was absolutely beautiful and the fresh flowers added such a nice touch. The wedding and reception went without a hitch and both were perfect for Kelly’s and Chad’s special day.
Thanks so much again.”
— Sincerely, Pat E.
I recently attended a wedding at the Stanley House and I am still talking about the cake. In fact, I contacted them to see where it came from. Being a “sweet” person and having children from CA to NY I alway test local bakeries and I think yours is the best.
I will call you to get a custom cake...are you around next week?”
— Karla in Woodstock
Happy Mother’s Day!
Just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know again how fabulous the cake was that you made for my Mother-in-law’s birthday. Everyone loved it and just kept raving about how fantastic it looked and tasted. Please add me to your list of references and have anyone call me any time. I will brag for hours!!!!!!!
I can’t wait to order from you again!
Best wishes for continued success!”
— Carolyn P., Atlanta, GA
“Jennifer, that had to of been the best cake that I can honestly say that I have ever had. I do not think that I have ever ordered a cake for a special event and not brought any home with me. The entire cake was gone including all of the crumbs and icing on the bottom. The cake was absolutely gorgeous and tasted divine! Thank you for making our special day even better with the AWESOME cake! I will be in touch very soon for Andrew’s first birthday cake!! You are AWESOME! Thanks again!”
— Allison, Acworth, GA
“I just wanted to let you know that everyone enjoyed the cake this Saturday. It was absolutely beautiful. It taste wonderful too! Thanks.”
— Sonja S., Acworth, Ga
“Hi Jennifer,
I just wanted to let you know what a hit the cake was!!! EVERYONE was talking about its design and creativity. It was beautiful!!. And the bonus was it was delicious. I can’t tell you how many times these type of cakes look great but are truly awful? Not this one!!! You can use me as a referral anytime!!! And I will call you again as the opportunity arises.
Thanks again”
— Randy
“Hi Jennifer —
Remember us? Kelly and Chad were attending seminary in NOLA? Just wanted you to know how GORGEOUS AND DELICIOUS your cakes were for their reception!!!! I didn’t get to taste Chad’s chocolate groom’s cake before it was ALL GONE, but everyone said it was great. As for Kelly’s cake, it could not have looked more elegant and it tasted as good as it looked. They sent some home with us and I’ve had 2 pieces every day since Sat. night. The cake was as beautiful as the picture in your book — everyone loved the fondant bow and diamond broache. We could hardly wait to get to the reception to see how the cake(s) looked. We were so pleased. Thanks for everything.”
— Kay (Kelly's Mom)
The Dora cake was so delicious. It was moist and had a great flavor. Dora and Boots looked good too! Thanks for a wonderful birthday cake.”
— Hope W., Atlanta, GA

What the Press is saying:

Article from the Marietta Daily Journal

Confection perfection - that's Jennifer Punch. The award-winning baker, who develops her own recipes for cakes, cookies and pastries, shares her expertise when making petits fours.

Punch credits her grandmother with her knowledge in the kitchen. "My grandmother was an unbelievable baker and cook," she said. "Growing up in New Orleans, we learned through our families."

The bite-size cakes, perfect for tea parties, baby and bridal showers or other gatherings, can be tricky to make.

"The frosting has to be the exact consistency or you'll have a huge mess," says the mother of twin boys. "It has to be just the right thickness and just the right thinness to pour it over the white cake."

Punch explains that you cut a white sheet cake into squares, preferably with a square cookie cutter. You then pour the frosting over the cake while it sits on a grid with wax paper underneath to catch the overflow.

The key to the frosting is "continual stirring with a whisk and temperature," said the former chemistry teacher.

But Punch isn't a baker who cooks with an equation; she has an understanding of the way things should look and taste. "Most of my recipes read as heaps, mounds," she said with a chuckle. "They don't read as cups and tablespoons, and that's how we bake."

"In baking, I believe, too many people go by the book instead of learning the look," explains the wife of Layne Punch. "They're too set on the recipe and need to learn to look at cake or cookies and recognize when they're done or you have the right consistency," she says.

Punch, the owner of Confection Perfection at 4887 North Main St. in Acworth, is known for her moist cakes. In addition to an impressive list of corporate and private clients, she was recently named as one of two exclusive bakers for the King Plow Arts Center in Atlanta.

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For this Acworth resident, her knowledge and experience pays off in the kitchen with her sweet treats - the perfect Punch.